Create Your WebsID

Becoming an ACS Siteowner? Then You Need a WebsID!

If you are not an ACS member of the section or division you will be managing, then you will need to create a WebsID (email/password) to access your site admin area on

Please create a WebsID by registering for THIS site. Click on the register button to your right underneath the "Members Area" and follow the steps.

Once you've created your WebsID we'll be able to make you the new owner of your respective ACS chapter website. To complete your site ownership, please contact Kate Sellar and provide her with the email address you used to set up your WebsID. She will then set you as the new owner of your ACS chapter.

Once you have been set at the new owner, you will use your WebsID to sign into to manage your ACS chapter.

The Steps:

  1. Create your WebsID by registering for this site
  2. Provide Kate Sellar with the email address you used to create your WebsID
  3. ACS will then set you as the owner of the appropriate ACS Chapter
  4. Log into with your WebsID (email/password) to manage your ACS Chapter